3 Books That’ll Make You Want to Hit the Road or Hop a Flight

A good travel lit entry that fills you with the desire to pack your bags and/or renew your passport can be a bit rare.

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A Firey Spotlight on Scotland’s Up Helly Aa Festival

Way up north in Scotland, you will find plenty of shields, sheepskins, helmets and lighted torches during the last week of the month for the Up Helly Aa Festival.

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It's a G'Day, Mate! January 26th is Australia Day!

January 26th is Australia Day the official national day of Australia. The day commemorates the anniversary of Britain’s First Fleet arriving at Port Jackson (which includes Sydney Harbour) in 1788.

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Are You a Thrill Seeker? Ride The World’s Biggest, Baddest Roller Coasters!

Here are some truly hair-raising, scream inducing rollercoasters to seek out on the planet.

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Japan’s Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival

On the 4th Saturday January, the 1,122ft Mount Wakakusa, located in Nara, Japan, is set ablaze during the Wakakusa Yamayaki Festival.

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