Five Films That Will Make You Want to Head East

Nothing captures the magic of travel better than film. At its most visually arresting, cinema can inspire wanderlust. For armchair travelers who’ve never had the pleasure of stepping foot in Asia, here are five films that will inspire you to book that long-haul flight across the Pacific.

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Ritz-Carlton to Open World’s Tallest Hotel in Hong Kong

In March 2011, the Ritz-Carlton is scheduled to debut the world’s tallest hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Set in the former British colony’s tallest skyscraper, the newly opened International Commerce Centre (known as the ICC), the Ritz will occupy the top 16 floors, from floors 102 to 118.

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Eat, Pray, Love: And Spend Some Money

Spurred by the success of Sex and the City tours around Manhattan, travel marketers everywhere are dreaming up ways to capitalize on Eat, Pray, Love –Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller memoir and soon-to-be blockbuster chick-flick.

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