8 Essential German Words To Help You Stumble Your Way Through Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest doesn’t come without its lost in translation moments. If you want to attend Oktoberfest in Germany, here are eight essential words to know.

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How To Shop For Your Holiday Air Travel

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are not only some of the most popular times to fly but they can also be the most miserable and challenging flights to shop for if you want a good price, seat, flight date and time. And as you should be starting to book those flights, here are a few steps to take to ensure you go about shopping for holiday air travel on the right flight path.

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5 Celebrities Who Have Mastered Airport Style

Dressing for the airport can be tricky, especially if you want to stay comfortable but also avoid looking like an unmade bed. Luckily for travelers, celebrities have mastered how to look chic while traveling through the airport. If you want to emulate some stars’ airport style, here are five celebrities who whisk through the airport in the greatest of fashions.

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What To Do If Your Luggage Is Lost At The Airport

Lost luggage is all too common of a reality for the air traveler. If you find yourself in this position, don’t panic. Here are four steps you should follow when your bag doesn’t roll down the carousel.

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3 Football Attractions To Touch Down at in the U.S.

Across the country, there are a number of spots that pay tribute to American football. If you want to be a true fan, you can touch down at these three football meccas in the United States.

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