R.I.P. Crumbs! These 7 U.S. Bake Shops Will Continue the Cupcake Craze

The cupcake craze seemed to sweep the nation over the last decade. With it, a number of cupcake standouts remained the creams of the crop. All across the United States, you can most likely find a local baker serving up nothing but little pockets of cake with inventive, classic and gourmet flavors and pairings. To go on your own cupcake tour of the U.S., be sure to stop and eat cupcakes at these sweet cupcake staples.

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Nothing But the Best Wurst! 4 Sausages to Try in Germany

To most visitors in Germany, bratwurst is just bratwurst. However, to those who reside in this land, sausage is taken quite seriously. Germany is linked up with a number of geographic specific bratwursts, comprised of different meats and spices and cooked differently from one to the next. If you are planning a trip to Germany, be sure to follow this trail to the best wurst.

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It’s a Rat Race Out There! London’s Pop-Up Rat Café Opens Tomorrow

Back in March, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium caused a feline frenzy when it offered a side of kitties with its coffee. And now, Londoners are preparing to pay to nosh on sweet delights and sip rattuccinos and rattes in the company of live rats. That’s right: live rats.

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3 International Dishes to Serve on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday. What are you doing to celebrate your dad? Growing up, we always made my dad’s favorite dish, curried rice (something he first tasted during our family trip to Japan) for Father’s Day. As the years have passed(and as we’ve all gone on more trips), we’ve expanded our culinary offerings. Here are three international dishes to spice up your Father’s Day gathering this year. Bonus: They all pair well with beer.

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Happy National Donut Day! Let’s All Drool Over Deep-Fried Dough

It’s Friday. It’s National Donut Day. All is good, sweet, and caloric in the world. To celebrate the best holiday of the year (my sweet tooth might be slightly biased), we’ve rounded up the tastiest donuts around town.

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