Foodie Friday: This Woman’s Food Instagrams Win the Internet

Let’s be real: Glorious food makes sleeping in sweaty, unkempt hostels worth it. Don’t believe us? You will after checking out girleatworld’s food-porn-filled Instagram.


Foodie Friday: This Woman’s Food Instagrams Win the Internet, Instagram: girleatworld






















Melissa Hie, a 29-year-old globe trotter by way of Singapore, has snapped 31 impossibly delicious-looking food selfies in Europe, Asia, and more.


Foodie Friday: This Woman’s Food Instagrams Win the Internet, Instagram: girleatworld



























“If I wasn’t traveling by myself, my pictures would have been just generic travel pictures,” Hie told Business Insider. “But since I was alone and I don’t like asking people to take my picture, I just started taking them myself.”


Foodie Friday: This Woman’s Food Instagrams Win the Internet, Instagram: girleatworld



















How could one NOT be jealous of a woman who noshes on Hello Kitty donuts in Tokyo, fresh spring rolls in Pham Ngu Lao, and currywurst in Berlin? Maybe “to eat ALL the food” isn’t the very best reason to embark on a world adventure, but we’re too hungry to think of anything else.  


Photos courtesy of Melissa Hie

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