A Chocolate Tour of Paris + More of This Week’s Top Travel Stories

A Chocolate Tour of Paris + More of This Week’s Top Travel Stories, Flickr: JolivillageA Completely Unsanctioned Chocolate Tour of Paris: Chocolate and Paris are two of the very best things in the world. Put them together and you get pure magic –or at least a major sugar rush. [Huffington Post Travel]

Vroom! Boom! Blast off! 7 Extreme Travel Adventures: You haven’t had an adventure until you’ve flown 25 feet above the waters of Newport Bay on a jetpack. [Yahoo! Travel]

Avoiding a Mismatched Travel Companion:
Because you shouldn’t spend your great escape dodging your annoying-as-heck travel companion. [ChicagoNow]

NYC Just Scored a Nutella Bar: Headlines in one month will read ‘Every Person in NYC Gains 5 lbs. After Nutella Outbreak.’ [CheapOair]

Take a Look at This Amazing Airline Menu and Weep for the Past:
Excuse us while we look for a time machine to take us back to 1960. [Detroit Free Press]


Photo: Jolievillage

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