Beating the Travel Clock: Three Apps to Help with Jet Lag

Beating the Travel Clock: Three Apps to Help with Jet Lag, shutterstock:Lev Kropotov It is a level of fatigue unlike any other. For the first few days of travel, you might be in a strange haze, a state of sleep deprivation and disorientation caused by dramatically changing time zones and schedules. When you are traveling long distances, the last thing you want is to miss out on those travel days due to jet lag. Lying awake at 3AM in Germany for several nights only makes sightseeing all the more difficult in the true waking hours. If you always have trouble with jet lag, it might be time to try a jet lag app to help with the zombie like effects of jet lag.

JetLag Genie: If you want someone to come up with a plan of action to fight your jet lag specifically, JetLag Genie has a genie for that. This app helps you fight jet lag before, during and after you flight. JetLag Genie takes your flight information and comes up with a customized jet lag tackling plan. The app will then give you sleep patterns and necessary actions to take each day. One benefit to this app is that it provides live notifications so that you don’t forget to take its advice. From when to wake up to when to get sunshine or take a nap, JetLag Genie will tell you. The app costs $2.99 and comes from Vinegar Hill Apps.

Jet Lag: Much like the JetLag Genie app, Jet Lag has you fill out your departure and arrival information. Once the app has this information, it will begin giving your tips and advice for how to reduce your jet lag. Some of these words of wisdom include sleep times, when to take anti-jet lag medication and when to seek and avoid light. The app also has a feature that will create a jet lag schedule for you depending on your stay. If you are traveling on a long trip or just a short stay, the app will alter your sleep patterns accordingly to cut back on the jet lag symptoms. The Jet Lag app also has a feature where you can export its advice and tips into your calendar so you don’t miss a step toward combatting jet lag. The app costs $2.99 by OZOMedia.
aStretches At AirPlane: Many believe that exercising can help cut back on jet lag. Much of the fatigue associated with jet lag comes from the long flight. You are sitting for long hours and as a result muscle tighten. aStretches At AirPlane app provides stretches and yoga poses to deal with tightened muscles from a long flight. The app lends different poses with pictures, descriptions and relaxing background music. The idea is that by doing these stretches and exercises aimed at air travel fatigue, your jet lag will be lessened. The app is by Dawnsun Technologies LLC and costs $0.99.

How do you beat jet lag?


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