Five Best New Travel Apps for iPhone/iPad

The iPhone 4 
brought renewed excitement and plenty of new apps (Flickr: Yutaka 
Tsutano)About six months ago we told you about some of the best travel apps for your iPhone or iPad.


Since then, dozens more travel apps have hit the market.


Here is an updated list based on new apps that have come out since then and a few that have been updated and changed for the better:

Travel Money Monkey: Though sometimes I prefer to remain blissfully unaware of the exchange rate when traveling in another country and wait until I get home for the reality check, I can’t deny the usefulness of this handy app. Travel Money Monkey converts all world currencies and lists the best and most recent foreign exchange rates. Even better, it allows you to order foreign currency, which could even end up saving you money in exchange fees and undesirable exchange rates.


Healix Travel Vaccinations: Though getting vaccinated isn’t the most glamorous part of preparing for a trip abroad, it certainly is one of the most important. This app allows you to verify which vaccinations you need to travel to any country. Moreover, it gives you country-specific travel and safety tips.  Very straightforward and useful travel info.


Around Me: This free app uses your current location to locate useful places around you at that moment, including hospitals, banks, gas stations, restaurants, major sites, etc. and then provides you with directions on how to get there. 


World Customs and Cultures: This free app is a mini database of customs and cultures for over 150 countries worldwide. It’s a fun way to pass the time on a long flight and prepare yourself for your international experience.


Hipstamatic: I have a lovely DSLR camera, but I have to admit I use my Hipstamatic app more when traveling. It’s something about the convenience and fun combination of filters, lenses and flashes (that can be purchased and downloaded within the app) that makes snapping travel pics with this camera app an absolute joy. Upload your pictures directly to Facebook or Flickr, or wait and create an album during the plane ride home.


Flickr: Yutaka Tsutano

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