Chicago in Your Pocket: Four Apps for Travelers in the Windy City

Chicago in Your Pocket: Four Apps for Travelers in the Windy City, shutterstock:	Rudy BalaskoMuch like New York City and Los Angeles, America’s largest cities can often overwhelm the traveler. Chicago is no different, where not just its wind can blow you away, but the size of the city can knock travelers to the ground in exhaustion. From the sheer number of places to eat, drink and see, you need a few guides to lead you in the right direction. Travel apps certainly come in handy in these big cities, including in Chicago. Before you leave with thoughts of deep-dish pizza and giant beans, pack these Chicago themed travel apps.

Chicago Taverns & Tales: In a city with many bars and a rich history, you can expect to find many of those historic events and on-goings occurring at the local tavern. If you prefer to drink your way through Chicago and its history, luckily there is an app that makes the journey stumble-free. The Chicago Taverns & Tales app isn’t just a drinking guide to Chicago’s bars. It also provides a history tour through these institutions. There are over 100 bars featured on the free app.

iTrans Chicago CTA:
Chicago is the third largest city in population behind New York and Los Angeles. Due to its size, travelers will need to give their feet a respite and utilize public transportation. iTrans Chicago CTA is an app for the CTA “L” system. It boasts an official system map, alerts for service advisories along with a live CTA Train Tracker feature. The app is useful to travelers looking for stations as well. A street map is provided showing where street station entrances are located along with when trains are leaving near you. The app costs $0.99.

Choose Chicago: Created by the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau, Choose Chicago is a traveler’s all around app to the Windy City. It provides the visitor with a number of things to do along with contact information and maps for hotels, restaurants, theaters and museums. The app can also give you a head’s up on Chicago’s weather or what events are taking place on your visit. If you have no clue what’s near you, the app can also provide a listing of attractions within your location. The Choose Chicago app also contains deals and savings for the traveler on a budget. The app is free to download. 

Chicago Gangland Tour: For those interested in Chicago’s darker history, the Chicago Gangland Tour app provides a look at the mobsters of Chicago’s past. Some of the points of interest detailed in the tour include a stop at Al Capone’s house on the South Side, the lot in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre along with the infamous drinking holes that served Al Capone. The information comes from Jonathan Eif, the best selling author of Get Capone. The app costs $2.99.


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