How to ‘Shush’ People in Different Languages + More of This Week's Top Stories

How to ‘Shush’ People in Different Languages + More of This Week's Top Stories, Photo courtesy of ThrillistHow to 'Shush' People in Different Languages: Tell people to shut the heck up and look cultured while doing it. [Thrillist]

Etihad Airways' New Plane Design Takes Luxury to New Heights:
First class isn’t just about extra leg space anymore. Private bathrooms, in-flight nannies, and multi-room suites beckon well-off travelers to the world of luxury flying. [Huffington Post Travel]

Eeep! Meet the SF Zoo's Adorable New Addition:
If this ten-month-old red panda doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you have no soul. Harsh, but true. [CheapOair]

The Instagram Travel Hashtag That's Worrying the Airlines:
Wait, pause, let me take a selfie. As it turns out, some airlines are NOT about that #crewlife. [Jaunted]

A Woman Quit Her Job to Travel For Two Years And Took These Incredible Photos In Africa: Meet Tania Payne, the woman who ACTUALLY quit her crappy job to travel instead of just daydreaming about it. [The Seattle Post-Intelligencer]




















Photo courtesy of Thrillist

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