New York City to Develop Nation’s Largest Urban Campground

This could
soon be a common sight in New York City (Flickr: twbuckner)The National Parks Service has announced plans to develop the nation’s largest urban campground at Floyd Bennett Field, a retired airfield in Brooklyn, New York.


Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the parks service plans to expand the number of campsites at Floyd Bennett from five to 90 over the next two years. That number could ultimately be expanded to over 600 campsites depending on public reaction.


While camping certainly isn’t at the top of every NYC visitor’s to-do list, Salazar is confident that the idea of roughing it in the Big Apple will catch on.


"You don't even realize you're in the middle of the city," he recently remarked about the campground.


Source: MSNBC

Flickr: twbuckner

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