The Best Spring Getaway Spots + More Top Travel News

The Best Spring Getaway Spots + More Top Travel News6 Places to Travel in April: Nothing says spring like a trip to Paris, Spain, or Greece. So what are you waiting for? [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]

How Travel Can Help Heal Your Grief or Pain: Because healing a heavy heart is no local matter. [Huffington Post]

11 Souvenirs That Are More Local And Authentic Than A Shot Glass:
We’re 99.9% sure your daughter would appreciate Belgian lace or Cadbury chocolate more than that seventh city-themed snow globe. [Huffington Post]

Amazing Underwater Caves Where You Can Swim and Scuba Dive: Skip the millionth beach trip (yawn) and explore these mind-blowing caves instead. [Conde Nast Traveler]

The Best U.S. Island You Never Knew Existed: Go to Guam. Really. [CheapOair]

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