There’s a Dog-Shaped Hotel in Idaho + More Top Travel Stories

There’s a Dog-Shaped Hotel in Idaho + More Top Travel Stories, Flickr: Hannah GalliCheck Out 4 of the Craziest Hotels in the World: You may have never dreamt of sleeping in a dog house (like, a literal dog-shaped house) or a large test tube (thank you, Japan), but it doesn’t make any of these spaces less cool. Your imagination will thank you for this. [CheapOair]

17 Hilariously Named Places That You Have To Visit: Drown your sorrows in Lake Disappointment, get up close and personal with Batman, and enjoy a nice Hooker. Hey, #YOLO, right? [BuzzFeed]

10 ‘Can’t Miss’ Rooftop Bars Around the World:
You’ll see the sights, but you might not remember them the next morning. [A Luxury Travel Blog]

Saying Goodbye: How to Do It Right:
Because how many times can you half-heartedly say “I’ll Facebook chat you” to a travel buddy you’ve known for exactly 3.5 days? [Twenty-Something Travel]

So You Want to Be a Travel Blogger, Do You?: It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either. And when it comes down to it, what’s a little hard work when the alternative is a grey and white cubicle? [Young Adventuress]


Photo: Hannah Galli

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