This Year's Most Budget Friendly Destinations

Already affordable Jamaica will be even more budget-friendly in 2011  (Image: Wikimedia)After months of compiling data and comparing prices, Budget Travel has released its annual list of the 10 Most Budget Friendly Destinations.


This year’s least features a few surprises, like new-comer Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.


Estonia converted to the Euro on January 1 and its capital city is quickly becoming a vacation hotspot for European travelers.


Other entries, like Dublin and Jamaica, are extremely popular destinations that will see more affordable pricing in 2011.


In the United States, the Gulf Coast made the list after the BP oil disaster forced price cuts across the board for 2011.


Houston also made the cut, gaining recognition as one of the fastest-growing and consumer friendly cities in the country. For the complete list, visit MSNBC .

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