Meet Our Bloggers
SEM Specialist and contributor to the OneTravel blog!
Andréa Skerritt
Where have you been?: Throughout the Caribbean region and much of the North East U.S. as well as Chicago, Minneapolis, Florida and Ohio. In Europe, I traveled through France, Germany, Spain, Portugal ...
Andrew Lerner
Social Media Coordinator and moderator of the OneTravel blog!
Brooke Schoenman
Where have you been? I’ve spent considerable time in places like Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Australia. Many of the stays in these locations also involved foreign language lesson ...
Chris Osburn
Blogging about London and the world
Social Media
Diana Denza
Diana Edelman
Where have you been?: I've been on solo backpacking adventures through Europe twice -- one for a month, the other for seven months; trekked with gorillas in Rwanda; sipped mint tea in Morocco; stood b ...
Jen Westmoreland Bouchard
Where have you been?: I've traveled throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Caribbean and spent several glorious years living in France.
Leslie Koch
Where have you been?: I have traveled extensively in the Southern Hemisphere. During college I studied abroad for a year in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I developed a taste for Spanish pop music and ...
Michael Hanisco
Where have you been?: I’ve yet to get my feet wet in international waters but I have traveled extensively throughout the United States. Most recently as a poor college student, I enjoyed a long road t ...
Sheena Vega
Where have you been?: I've traveled throughout some of Europe, including Greece, Italy, England, and Ireland. I also spent a year living in Chile, where I taught English as a foreign language. I've h ...
Suzy Guese
Where have you been?: 

My travels began early with my first flight at 3 months old. I have been all over the United States. I have also traveled extensively throughout Europe, but Italy has a soft sp ...

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