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Diana Edelman
Age: Gender: FemaleAstrological Sign: Zodiac Year: Location:
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Where are you from?:  Rockville, Maryland

Where do you want to travel?: Where don't I want to travel? Currently, I am obsessed with SE Asia, Central and South America. 

Where have you been?: I've been on solo backpacking adventures through Europe twice -- one for a month, the other for seven months; trekked with gorillas in Rwanda; sipped mint tea in Morocco; stood before the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem; and driven cross-country through the US. Twice. I've spent the most time in Spain and Croatia.

Writing Experience: I've been writing since I learned how to spell. As a kid, I would write fiction stories and make everyone in my family suffer through them. Then, in my teens and early 20s, it turned into sports journalism. Travel writing came later in life. After spending my 30th birthday in Croatia, I started the Adventures of D and my Twitter account on a chilly October night in Atlanta in 2009 ... and those two actions changed my life. You can also find me on Facebook.

A little more about Diana: My mom always told me to find what it is I love to do and then the rest of my life will fall into place. I always heard what she was saying, but never realized it was true until I found travel writing. Everything just fell into place. I was raised traveling -- every year my parents would take my brother and I on some sort of travel adventure, whether it was late June skiing in the Rockies or riding the cable cars in San Francisco or Amtrak-ing it up to Montreal. They instilled a deep love of travel and exploration in me at a young age. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't feel incredibly blessed for the opportunities they have given me, or for the opportunities I have created for myself. I love writing about travel, my travel adventures and helping others with their travels. It's my dream to relocate to Spain and write a book. Not necessarily in that order.

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