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Suzy Guese
Age: Gender: FemaleAstrological Sign: Zodiac Year: Location: Denver, CO

Where are you from?:  Denver, Colorado


My role at the OneTravel Blog: 

Freelance Travel Writer


Where do you want to travel?: Everywhere. South America, New Zealand, Turkey, Greece and Africa particularly intrigue me.


Google+:Suzy Guese


Where have you been?: 

My travels began early with my first flight at 3 months old. I have been all over the United States. I have also traveled extensively throughout Europe, but Italy has a soft spot in my travel heart. I spent a year during college studying between Sicily, Sorrento and Florence, perfecting my Italian and ability to eat gelato several times a day.


Writing Experience: I write for my own travel site,, specializing in all aspects to travel, from the metaphysical elements, travel ranting, to destination exploration. I also contribute to a freelance writing company along with various travel publications.


A little more about Suzy: As a kid, I put on packing shows for my pretend viewers, explaining all one needed to bring in their Little Mermaid backpack. I have always wanted to pass along my travel tips and talk about travel, even if no one was watching or listening. I hold a B.A. in Communication and a B.A. in Italian Studies. Aside from frequent trips to Italy, I enjoy encouraging others that travel is not limited to age, gender, marital status or disposition. Mental and physical travel go hand in hand.



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