Asian Hotel Chains You Should Know

They do things a little differently in Asia, thankfully so. When choosing a hotel in Asia, consider that there’s a lot of history and tradition to Asian hospitality, so never mind that you’re collecting Starwoods points or are a Marriott Club member –it’s worth experiencing a hotel that’s owned and run by the people who know the region best, the locals.

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Drugged Tiger Cub Found in Woman's Bag at Bangkok Airport

A drugged, but live tiger cub was found within the luggage of a woman at the Bangkok airport. The two-month old tiger was hidden among stuffed-tiger toys, a wildlife smuggling watchdog group announced Thursday.

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Thailand Launches New "Smile" Campaign to Attract Tourism

The last few years have been pretty rough for Thailand. A world-wide financial crisis, paired with a frenzied fear of swine flu put Thailand’s tourism industry in a horrible predicament, and with Bangkok flagged as a no-go zone because of social turbulence, even the capital wasn’t getting any travel action.

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