How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Sao Paulo

A fashion guide for the largest city in South America!

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Five Coffee Drinks From Around The World

Let’s face it, travel can be tiring! If you’re in need of a morning eye-opener or a pick me up before embarking on more sightseeing adventures, try one of these five tasty caffeinated beverages from around the world.

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7 of the Best Yoga Spas From Around the World

Yoga is all about your body, mind and soul. Its teachings have been an integral part of Hinduism, and its mysterious and exotic nature has fascinated millions of devoted followers since time immemorial. If you’ve never practiced Yoga, you’d be wise to start. Improved breathing, less stress, weight loss, increased flexibility, more strength and inner peace—these are only a few of the benefits you’ll experience with this ancient practice.

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Yoobi, London's First Temakeria, Now Open in Soho

Quick, flavorful and healthy, London's first temakeria has recently opened offering a hands-on opportunity to try sushi with a bit of Brazilian beat.

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Tourism Rises in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has always been a popular, exotic international destination for tourists. But amidst the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings, crime and infrastructure issues have, in the past, been issues for tourism.

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