Re: Joyce! It’s Bloomsday!

Celebrate the work of James Joyce in these cities!

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Love Hurts: Welcome to Croatia’s Museum of Broken Relationships

One day you’re running your fingers through your beau’s hair and borrowing his T-shirts, and the next he’s dumping you via 2am text message. Harsh. But before you set that no-good-piece-of- $%*&’s belongings on fire and post a photo of the charred remains on Facebook (you totally were going to do that, weren’t you?), take a breather. Because revenge in the name of art feels much better than smoke inhalation.

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Four of This Summer's Best European Music Festivals

Here comes summer (and not soon enough!). For the young and the youthful among European music fans that means it's time to party. Heading to Europe this summer and hoping to add an extra dose of fun to your vacation? Check out this four unique music festivals. All four are great value for money too!

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Croatia’s Museum for the Broken-Hearted

Valentine’s Day isn’t chocolate and roses for everybody. For some, it’s a painful reminder of past relationships and heartache.

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Exploring Street Art in Europe

Planning a trip to Europe? The guide books will tell you there is a bounty of famous art museums that are must-sees. And, while internationally recognized venues such as Paris’ Lourve, Madrid’s El Prado, the Uffizi in Florence, Italy or Tate Modern in London, all offer the chance to see renowned works of art up-close, there is one thing the guide books don’t include – street art.

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