It's a G'Day, Mate! January 26th is Australia Day!

January 26th is Australia Day the official national day of Australia. The day commemorates the anniversary of Britain’s First Fleet arriving at Port Jackson (which includes Sydney Harbour) in 1788.

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6 Unusual Christmas Day Traditions Around the World

across the globe, Christmas can look very different. Here are some of the most unusual Christmas Day traditions around the world!

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Celebrate with the Mari Lwyd in Wales

Thinking of visiting the U.K. this January? Are you a fan of bizarre holiday traditions (and maybe a little dark humor)? Make sure to visit southern Wales and you may get to sing a tune with the Mari Lwyd.

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The Art of Holiday Window Displays in New York

While the city might fill with plenty of museums and galleries to marvel at renowned artwork, if you want to see some festive creations, you can press your nose against the windows of these spirited department store displays.

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How To Say 'Merry Christmas' Around The World

Just in time for Christmas, here’s how to say Merry Christmas in 16 different languages spanning all around the globe.

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