Hotel Cancellation Policies: Read the Fine Print

What to know before you book, in case of last minute travel changes.

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3 Unique U.S. Hotels

When I travel within the U.S., I enjoy seeking out unique places to stay. Here are three hotels that draw inspiration from the history of their natural/urban surroundings, and stand out because of their distinctive themes and aesthetics.

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There’s a Dog-Shaped Hotel in Idaho + More Top Travel Stories

You may have never dreamt of sleeping in a dog house (like, a literal dog-shaped house) or a large test tube (thank you, Japan), but it doesn’t make any of these spaces less cool. Your imagination will thank you for this.

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How to Score a Last Minute Hotel Deal

We had to make it to St. Louis on short notice which in turn meant we would need a hotel room last minute. While I normally don’t enjoy booking hotels last minute, it can have its advantages in the price department. However not all last minute hotel deals are deals. If you are booking a hotel on the day of your stay, here are a few tips for scoring the best, last minute deal.

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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Car Rentals

Booking hotels and flights can be pretty straightforward. For hotels, you figure out your dates, read reviews and decide just where you want to stay. For flights, you figure out your dates, compare the price of different airlines and decide on the best route. For car rentals, it would seem the booking process is also pretty straightforward. You figure out your dates, price compare and select your company. However, the car rental booking process can be a muddied mess if you aren’t careful. You could end up overpaying for a car you aren’t even using if you fail to pay attention in the booking process. Here are just a few mistakes to avoid when you book car rentals.

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