Five Tips To Make Boring Destinations Exciting

We all find ourselves traveling to destinations we might not find exciting. It could be for business. A family reunion may be calling your name. A friend is pleading with you to come to nowhere town. We brush off going to these places, usually describing them as boring. Then there are those destinations we brag to friends, family and businesses stuck in nowhere town. Saying you are jet setting off to Paris tends to roll off of the travel tongue better than exclaiming you are headed to snooze-ville.

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World Cup Travel Guide: Five Fast Facts About Qatar

Last week, Qatar became the little engine that could. Despite its relative anonymity to the rest of the world, the tiny emirate left political powerhouses like the U.S. and Australia in its dust when it won the bid for the 2022 World Cup.

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Five Reasons Why Wife Carrying is Better Than Couples Therapy

If you read Travel Like a Local: How to Part II, chances are you learned about Wife Carrying, the quirky sport and brainchild of a Finnish brigand named Rosvo-Ronkainen who, in the 1800s, recruited troop members by having them “prove their worth on a challenging track."

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