Celebrate the 4th of July at an American National Park!

This Independence Day, get back to the heart of America!

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The Other Independence Day: 4 Juneteenth Celebrations to Join

Across dozens of states, more and more are celebrating another independence day on June 19th!

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4 Nashville Experiences That Don’t Involve Music

Even if they don't have a country-music twang, these must-dos are so very Nashville!

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Five Kid-Friendly Spots in Nashville

Nashville is a great place to visit for adults and kids alike. Here are five fun and unique places to bring the kids the next time you’re in Music City.

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Three Hot Chicken Spots To Try in Nashville

Every time I pass through Nashville, locals, guidebooks and articles frequently urged anyone visiting Music City to get their hands on some hot chicken. Curious as to what exactly hot chicken was, I did some digging with the heartburn to prove it. Hot chicken is fried chicken breaded and drenched in spices, usually heavy on the cayenne. It is a dish special to Nashville and it can be found at separate hot chicken joints or on the menus of many restaurants. And just as you can’t leave Nashville without sampling a little country music, you also can’t part with the city until you have had its hot chicken. Here are three hot chicken spots to try in town that is if you aren’t too chicken to try them.

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