How To Get a Sense of a Destination When You Don’t Have The Time

Time is not always on the traveler’s good side. While slow travel has numerous cultural, social and historical benefits for the traveler, not all of our vacations and trips afford the time to truly explore a place completely.

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Samoa to Skip December 30 by Jumping the International Date Line

Samoa, which lies just 20 miles east of the International Date Line, plans to join its neighbors on the western side of the imaginary line by jumping straight from December 29 to December 31 this year.

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Traveling Back in Time Without Complicated Physics Equations

While going to space might be next on your list after knocking off all of the continents, why not brag to friends and family of your travels back in time? It’s possible on any vacation with the right destination and attitude in mind.

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Finding the Patience for Air Travel

With holiday travel approaching for many air travelers, here are some tips so as to not lose your patience on the way to the airport, at the airport or on the airplane.

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