4 Simple Ways To Make Friends Abroad

Meeting new people is half the fun of travel!

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3 Free Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

Traveling abroad can be pricey. But even a big city like Santiago has offerings that don't cost a single peso!

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7 Ways to Adventure-ize Your Next Vacation

Traveler, TV host, and author Leon Logothesis will make your vacation anything but boring!

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How To Dodge Airline Change Fees

Your indecision on that flight to Paris could cost you over $200 to change. That unexpected meeting you didn’t anticipate could leave you penniless for cutting your vacation short. Along with baggage fees, airline change fees are yet another reality that today’s traveler must face. And while there is not one set way to book a ticket and change without penalty, there are a few things you can do to avoid having to change your flight and hand over the price of another ticket in the process.

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How to Never Miss Your Connecting Flight

I sat in the airport in Florence watching the clock. My flight was already delayed an hour, forcing the question to enter my mind of whether I would make my connection in Frankfurt back to the U.S. Up in the air, there was little that I could do. I knew it would take running and perhaps a miracle to make my flight. The pilot got on before landing, saying he was going to park the plane at a gate that would help those making connections. While probably not following regulation, that move allowed me to make my flight, out of breath and relieved.

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