Four Budget Savers For Traveling The Greek Isles

The Greek islands often make their way on to traveler’s bucket lists and stay there due to the costs of going. While I found the islands were hard to reach, especially with the number of flights involved from the middle of the United States, the Greek islands can be budget drainers once you finally wash up on shore. Rather than forking over my wallet, I found simple ways to save while island hopping in Greece. From taking slower boats to hop between islands to coming prepared for those beautiful beaches, there are ways to save your euros so that your trip to the Greek islands doesn’t remain on your bucket list indefinitely due to cost.

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5 Top Sights in Manila

Manila – it's one of the world's biggest cities and one of its most exciting and diverse. Steeped in history but with a vibrant 21st century edge, Manila offers a tantalizing variety of delights for all travelers. Here's a list of five top attractions spanning six centuries – from colonial walls to giant oceanariums and luxury shopping destinations.

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Five Meaningful Souvenirs to Take Home from Mexico

Cheap tequila and sombreros may seem like a good idea in the moment, but chances are you won’t keep them for years to come. Here are suggestions for five meaningful souvenirs to take home the next time you visit Mexico.

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5 Fun Puerto Rico Blogs

Heading down to Puerto Rico for some Caribbean fun in the sun? Have a look at these five fine Puerto Rican blogs featuring local insight about what makes this friendly island such a great destination.

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Four Stops on Cancun’s Ancient Trail

When most of us think of Cancun, margaritas, all-inclusive resorts and nightclubs might come to mind. While built solely for tourism purposes, Cancun had a story long before the party scene arrived. Before tourism, there was an ancient Mayan presence in the area, stretching as far back as 1800 B.C. Even if it might seem like most of Cancun is manufactured, there are a number of ancient sites in and around the city that show off a different, more historical side to the Yucatan Peninsula. Each of these stops provide a depth to Cancun that you won’t find at your resort’s swim up bar.

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