4 Costly Travel Errors To Avoid This Memorial Day

Rushing to make your last-minute plans can end up costing you, if you're not careful!

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5 Private Hideaways Where You Can Escape the World

As fun as a city break or a vacation at some all-inclusive resort can be, sometimes the best destinations are those private hideaways off the beaten path. Here’s a look at five travel options – four islands and one boat – for avoiding the maddening crowd.

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How To Shop For Your Holiday Air Travel

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are not only some of the most popular times to fly but they can also be the most miserable and challenging flights to shop for if you want a good price, seat, flight date and time. And as you should be starting to book those flights, here are a few steps to take to ensure you go about shopping for holiday air travel on the right flight path.

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Bon Bini! Speak Papiamento on Aruba

Preparing for a vacation to Aruba is easy. Throw some sunscreen, flip flops, swimsuits and t-shirts in a bag and go! Obviously, there's more to it than that, but this tiny island paradise offers the ideal getaway for a no-fuss vacation with plenty of sunshine and mandatory relaxation guaranteed. One fun bit of planning worth considering before jetting off the Aruba is to learn a few useful words and phrases in the local lingo – Papiamento.

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Traveler Clash: How To Deal With Different Travel Styles

Summer travel is filled with joint vacations among friends and family. It might sound like a great idea to get together and go somewhere out of town until ultimately you experience travel style friction. No two people travel in the same fashion, causing a few to give up traveling with others altogether and go solo. However, if you have to travel with others by choice or not, you must know how to deal with different travel styles to avoid a vacation meltdown. Here are a few words of wisdom to help you deal when travel styles clash.

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