5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta

There are many reasons why Puerto Vallarta remains one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. Visiting this balmy, beachy, beautiful, vibrant (did we mention beautiful?) city is a no-brainer. To really drive the point home, we’ve gathered five photos that’ll make you want to book your flight immediately. With oceans this sparkling and foods this delectable, everything else can wait.


5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta, Flickr: alyssaBLACK.





1. The beaches. Seriously. Are those diamonds in the ocean? If there was ever photographic proof for the existence of paradise, this is it.














5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta, Flickr: Steve Johnson






2. The outdoor markets are any shopaholic’s dream! From the rainbow of colors to the vast array of textures to the authentic Mexican atmosphere, you won’t go home empty-handed.














5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta, Flickr: Francisco S







3. The chance to swim with the fishes. While your pals are gushing over the dolphins and sea lions at the local aquarium, you’ll be swimming WITH them in the crystal waters of Puerto Vallarta --earning yourself some MAJOR bragging rights in the process.









5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta, Flickr: smcgee






4. The authentic Mexican cuisine. This delicious fare will put an end to your Chipotle addiction (at least temporarily). Here are six local haunts to get you started.















5 Excellent Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Puerto Vallarta, Flickr: MikesPics4U2










5. The unforgettable street performances. It’s kind of like the subway performances any visitor to New York City has undoubtedly stumbled across, but 100 times prettier.












Photos: alyssaBLACK., Steve Johnson, Francisco S, smcgee, MikesPics4U2



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