5 International Twin Cities Boutiques

5 International Twin Cities BoutiquesThe Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are home to a diverse population. Fortunately for those of us who live or visit here, there are many beautiful boutiques shaped by this international aesthetic. Here are five of my local favorites – you should definitely check them out the next time you’re in my neck of the woods.

2225 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis 55405
Located on eclectic Lyndale Avenue, Khazana is owned and operated by Anju and Ashu Kataria, who possess a wealth of knowledge on Indian art, history and handicrafts. Khazana specializes in products purchased directly from Indian artists, bringing Twin Cities shoppers a truly authentic, quality experience. From saris to antique silver jewelry to wood and brass sculptures, Indian art lovers are sure to find something to suit their taste and budget in this welcoming space.

530 North 3rd Street, Minneapolis 55401
A true Minneapolis treasure, Indigo carries traditional folk arts, ethnographic artifacts, collectable textiles, tribal masks & sculpture, ceramics, indigenous furniture, ethnic adornments and decorative objects from Asia, Africa and the Pacific. With an ever-changing inventory, you’re sure to find the perfect accent piece to decorate your home or tribal jewels to adorn yourself.

722 W Lake Street, Minneapolis 55408
This charming Lyn-Lake boutique carries striking women’s clothing and jewelry collections imported from Turkey, as well as ceramics and jewelry by local designers. All of the collections are small batch, which means that Kisa is continually bringing in cutting-edge fashions from contemporary designers, as well as traditional handicrafts like the gorgeous crocheted Oyas hung throughout the shop. A woman of the world and shop owner Emily Kisa has a way of making everyone who walks through the door feel welcome.

Zinnia Folk Arts

826 West 50th Street, Minnesota 55419
Owned and operated by Anne Damon – an experienced collector and researcher of Mexican folk art – Zinnia carries a stunning array of art, jewelry, textiles and furniture hand-selected by Anne herself as she visits small towns throughout Mexico. If you appreciate this aesthetic (and it’s hard not to), you’re sure to find plenty of treasures at Zinnia.

Iverson’s Imports
5101 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park 55416
A Twin Cities favorite, Iverson's Imports was founded in 1972 and has moved locations twice to accommodate its growth over the past 40 year. Now located in the Miracle Mile Shopping Center, Iverson's carries a lovely selection of Scandinavian art, dishes, home accents, textiles, clothing and accessories.

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