5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Travel-Loving Mom

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Travel-Loving MomSome moms are travel role models, frequently jetting off on adventures or planning a trip at every available weekend. For these roaming moms, Mother’s Day gift giving can be a challenge. The basic gifts of flowers and chocolates are all fine and well, but travel-loving moms will love gifts that can make their travels all the more fulfilling.

Travel-Size Perfume Sets:
Even if your mom loves to travel, she will still appreciate those traditional Mother’s Day gifts like flowers and perfume. Perfume is an essential toiletry item for the traveling mom as it helps to keep her feeling and smelling good on the road. You can purchase her favorite scents in travel size to compose your own gift set or look for gift sets with travel-size perfumes. TOCCA makes several different travel sized perfumes in gift sets your mom would appreciate for Mother’s Day and also while on the road.

Luxury Travel Pillow and Blanket Sets:
The jet-setting mom is frequently resting her head on airline pillows and covering up with questionably clean blankets. To treat your mom to a bit more luxury when she flies, you can buy her a luxury travel pillow and blanket set. There are loads of these types of sets on the market, some composed of cashmere, silk, fleece or soft knits. Gifting your mom a travel blanket, pillow and eye mask will help her relax and unwind on those long flights.

Fun Toiletry Bag Filled With Her Favorite Travel-Sized Essentials:
If your mom loves to travel, chances are she has already ironed out her favorite products to bring on her adventures around the globe. As a treat, you can purchase a fun travel friendly toiletry bag and fill it with her favorite products in a travel size. Such a gift will allow your mom to just toss the bag in her suitcase and be on her way.

Portable Chargers: For the tech-savvy mom or even just for the mom who likes to keep in touch while on the road, you can save her the headache and panic when her phone dies in the middle of nowhere with the gift of a portable charger. Many different companies make various types of chargers that work for several devices like a phone, tablet and reader. They often hold a charge for a certain amount of time, allowing your mom to charge up her devices even if there isn’t an outlet nearby.

A Trip!: One of the best gifts you can give your traveling mom is a ticket to an exciting weekend away. Travel-loving moms won’t turn down a trip to go somewhere. You can either purchase airline gift cards so your mom can select her destination or plan a trip for the two of you to go on together. Hotel gift cards are also always appreciated for the mom frequently checking in and out around the world.

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