5 Summer Travel Wardrobe Items I Never Leave Home Without

5 Summer Travel Wardrobe Items I Never Leave Home WithoutNo matter where I travel during the summer months, there are five pieces of clothing I never leave home without. Come what may, at least I know I’ll always be comfortable and stylish with these staples in my bag.

Panama Hat
Nothing keeps the sun off my face (and adds a little something extra to my summer travel outfits) like my trusty black Panama hat. I scored mine at a vintage shop years ago, but they seem to be popping up all over the place this season (so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a size and color that fits you – for starters, try J. Crew). Panama hats are lightweight and go with everything, which makes them the perfect travel accessory.

Cotton Tunic

I’m a sucker for a beautiful cotton tunic. I wear mine over my swimsuit at the beach or pair it with jeans and wedge sandals for dinner and an evening out. Cotton pieces are essential for warm weather travel because they breathe (and wash up) well. Tunics are also easy to pack (roll them before sticking them in your suitcase to eliminate wrinkles).

Favorite Jeans

I would be lost without my favorite travel jeans (actually, I have two pairs – dark, thick denim for cool weather travel and soft, lightweight ones for summer trips). When I’m on the road, I wear them with everything from t-shirts (while hiking) to silk tops (for an evening at the local wine bar).

Oversized Scarf
An oversized scarf is an effortless accessory that can completely transform a summer travel outfit. In the summer, I always carry a lightweight scarf with neutral tones that I can throw on over a tank top as the weather cools down in the evening, or tie around my waist sarong-style while lounging at the beach.

Comfortable Sandals

I’ve always had a thing for European orthotic sandals, so imagine my sheer delight when they started popping up in high fashion magazines and on celebrities’ feet a few years ago. My Birkenstock “Gizeh” sandals and my Worishofer slides have yet to let me down during a summer trip.

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