Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome

Rome is called The Eternal City for a reason. This vibrant historical and cultural mecca is visited by millions of wide-eyed tourists each year. If you’re still hesitating over booking that flight, we’ve gathered five photos that’ll make you want to walk out of your office and never come back (but please don’t do that). With museums this remarkable and food this drop-dead delicious, everything else can wait.



Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome, Flickr: Nick Papakyriazis

1. The food. Italian food is the best. It just is. Tell me you don’t want to devour this bowl of pasta right now.





















Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome, Flickr: Atilla2008

2. The fashion. Gucci, Valentino, and Armani are the only men I’ll ever need. Milan may be Italy’s fashion hub, but Rome has no shortage of style-savvy denizens. 
















Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome, Flickr: mwgoh08

3. The churches. Boasting over 900 churches, one could say that Rome is livin’ on a prayer. Millions of them, for that matter.


















Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome

4. The history. The Coliseum. The Trevi Fountain. The Pantheon. It’s pretty much your duty to journey to the birthplace of civilization.




















Viva Italia! 5 Reasons to Drop Everything and Visit Rome, Flickr: robertsladeuk

5. The art galleries and museums. The Eternal City isn’t short on culture. There are dozens of museums in Rome, including one dedicated entirely to horse-drawn carriages.















Photos: Nick Papakyriazis, Atilla2008, mwgoh08, robertsladeuk

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