OneTravel Animal of the Week: The Eurasian Otter

OneTravel Animal of the Week: The Eurasian OtterThere are around five people in the entire world who don’t love otters, and they’ve probably never seen one. Impress your animal-loving friends with these fast facts about the Eurasian otter.  

Natural habitat: bodies of freshwater (lakes, streams, and rivers) across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Protection status: Near Threatened

Population: Unknown

Size: The average male otter’s head and body can reach up to 90cm (36 in); tail 40 cm (16in)

Life span:
perhaps 9-10 years in the wild; have lived to 20 in captivity

Diet: Fish, birds, frogs, crustaceans, and even small beavers

playful, intelligent, and inquisitive

Fun fact:
These guys aren’t afraid to let the crap hit the fan…or rock. Otters are known to mark their territory by leaving sweet-smelling feces on rocks along the water’s edge.




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