3 Places to Shop in Cancun

3 Places to Shop in CancunIt’s tempting to want to spend the whole day lying on the beach with a delicious beverage in hand while you’re in Cancun (I, for one, would not blame you!). Just in case you do decide to step off the sand, here are three places to find the perfect souvenir to remember your time in Cancun.

Kukulcan Plaza
Blvd Kukulkan Km 13, Zona Hotelera, 77500
If luxury shopping is what you crave, head to Kukulcan Plaza, an exclusive shopping center located in the heart of the Hotel Zone (Zona Hotelera in Spanish). Whether you’re looking for fine jewelry, high-end cosmetics and perfumes, upscale leather goods, or international fashion designs, there is plenty to impress even the most refined shopper. If you suffer from sticker shock, remember that browsing here is half the fun!  

Coral Negro
Kukulkan Blvd Km 9
Located next to the convention center, Coral Negro is a good place to purchase souvenirs and handicrafts to bring home. Browse over fifty stalls full of artisan-made weavings, pottery, jewelry, art, and more. There are also places to get your hair braided (come on, give it a try!). After all of the excitement, grab some delicious sustenance at the taco stand.

Market 28
Xel-ha Mz. 13, SM 28, 77501
Market 28 is similar in concept to Coral Negro, but it has a larger selection and (given that it is further away from the city center) prices tend to be a bit lower. Plaza Bonita is a particularly charming area of Market 28 featuring façades reminiscent of colonial Mexican towns, complete with an array of striking colors and forged iron accents. Shop to your heart’s content at the wide selection of art, pottery, weaving and jewelry stands.  After you purchase your handcrafted treasures, grab a table at a traditional restaurant (located in the market) and enjoy an ice cold Negra Modelo (or a scoop of ice cream from the popular ice cream parlor in Plaza Bonita).

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