Travel Portrait: Gaudi's Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia Gaudi's BarcelonaSpanish architect Antoni Gaudi worked during the Modernisme (Art Nouveau) period but is famous for his beautifully individualistic designs that go far beyond the scope of Art Nouveau (French for new art).


Gaudi’s work fills Barcelona, giving the city a curvaceous beauty that is immeasurable.


As a devout Catholic, the artist gave his life to creating his life to both the religion and Sagrada Familia.


He designed the church to have 18 towers, 12 for the 12 apostles, four for the four evangelists, and one for Mary and one for Jesus.


Beyond his famous church though, Gaudi contributed other works to Barcelona, all of which dazzle in the city’s sunlight and steal breaths from those who are lucky enough to witness them.


Flickr: thomasfrejek

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